Intercambio rápido de archivos: nuevas funciones para la nueva función de Android poco antes del lanzamiento

Quick File Sharing: New Features for New Android Feature Shortly Before Launch

Quick File Sharing: New Features for New Android Feature Shortly Before Launch

Google developed Fast Share in a quiet room, now there is a new name for the new Android feature shortly before market launch.

Google already offers fast file sharing through its own file management app, but would like to integrate this feature more deeply into the Android operating system. Now there are more instructions for this and a new name before the start of the innovation. Until now, the innovation has been dubbed Fast Share for internal testing purposes, but the final name will likely be different. Close sharing is English name, German name could be more angular.

“Share nearby”: Google develops innovation for Android

This new feature allows files to be shared quickly over a local network. You don’t need to have an active internet connection for this. To do this, the devices are connected with Bluetooth and the data is transferred via WLAN. To make all of this quick and easy, the software takes almost complete responsibility for the connection. Only devices that are really close to each other can be connected.

There was a Fast Share leak a while ago, the new name and icon point to an imminent market launch. Possibly with a new feature for Google’s Pixel smartphones first. There is no information from Google directly yet, all the details come from the current Teardown software. This time from the XDA developers.

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