Conejo "El cantante enmascarado": todas las pistas y revelación

Rabbit “The Masked Singer”: all the clues and revelation


The sweet bunny made it to the end of “The Masked Singer.” But then he didn’t get enough votes in the race with the Wuschel, the sloth and the dragon and had to unmask himself as the first celebrity. A real surprise for everyone!

Long floppy ears, big glasses, and a cute flowery dress – that’s how Hasi sang to herself in all of our hearts.

These were all the references to the rabbit:

  • The hare is a really romantic, but also a little trembling.
  • Furthermore, he is otherwise in one. completely different world at home and for the first time in such a setting.
  • You can also see that the bunny is quite large and has thin calves. Many conclude from this that she could be a woman and perhaps a model.
  • The first appearance of the hare also provides clues. You can see that under the rabbit costume. he is not a professional singer it should be stuck. Because the voice often sounded uncertain and shaky.
  • Are in the clip Playing cards, tulips and carrots to see. A reference to Alice in Wonderland?
  • In the second episode, the hare stops. Baby bear in his arms and feed it. An indication of the celebrity’s children?
  • The cute little animal says of himself: “I always pay attention to the welfare of others.”
  • On a table you can 7 eggs (blue, green, red, yellow) see. The blue egg in the center is divided in half.
  • When asked by the jury if it could be seen on television in the morning, the bunny replied: “I like every moment of the day. If you invite me, I’ll be happy to come. “
  • There are also some clues in the third clip about the hare: We discovered that the animal Fear of heights has, a real one Candy Expert is and he likes to bake and cook. That calls Enie van de Meiklokjes, right?
  • When asked by the jury if she was an actress, the celebrity in a rabbit costume replied, “I love, I love, I love all of my roles.”
  • There is also one in the rabbit’s living room. Mickey Mouse Character and hang by the fireplace Christmas socks.
  • In any case, one thing is clear: the rabbit “He no longer wants to be nice and friendly, but to distribute!”
  • In the fourth episode, the hare sat on his track clip on an armchair with the “Tales of bunnies” in the hand. So maybe a celebrity who already has one Written book Have?
  • You can also see a handkerchief in which Initial “H” and “a” they are embroidered.
  • There is also a sign on a door. Udo Lindenberg to see. But the rabbit doesn’t seem to like that because it just leaves the picture.
  • Then you can see Mickey Mouse on a blackboard. The famous Disney character has now been seen in two clips. Did the rabbit appear in a Disney movie?
  • When the jury asked him if the rabbit is a boxer, the cute little animal only replied: “Yes, and I can do it another way. Funny! Everyone will know me! “
  • In the semi-final track clip, the rabbit is once again in front of a Dutch or Scandinavian backdrop Mills and colored houses to see.
  • At the back of the chair in which the rabbit sits again is a Lava lamp to see. It was especially popular in the 80s and 90s. In Viva, too, there was always a lamp in the studio.
  • A friend of the rabbit revealed: “He loves good style”.
  • By the way, the rabbit’s friend told us about her friend from a kitchen with full cooking equipment and she had a Cheese head. Also, she was only doing a Bake cakes, about him Mickey Mouse Was seen.
  • When Reas asked if he and the rabbit would meet, the rabbit said: Meet Rea and have been a fan.
  • As a live indicator, the bunny brought a board with confusing letters in the semi-finals. If you put them together correctly, the sentence turned out: They are all brilliantly wrong. So is the celebrity someone who was on the “Besides Great” show?

In the finale, Hasi had to reveal his identity and the surprise was great when suddenly nothing less than Sonja zietlow appeared under the mask.

These were the jury’s assumptions for the rabbit:

  • Martina hill
  • Sonja kraus
  • Sonja zietlow

Here you can find all the information about the candidates for the second season:

  • Around 2,000 small and large flower heads have been individually attached to the costume by hand.
  • The rabbit always carries a handbag and large glasses.

Moderator Matthias Opdenhövel is one of eight employees who know all the celebrities behind the masks.

  • After the live broadcast, you can watch the episodes on the ProSieben Mediathek or streaming provider Joyn * look for. There you can also watch all the episodes of the first season and other exclusive streaming offers with a one-month free trial subscription.

Take a look at an overview of all skins again here and heed the suggestions:

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