Rachel Bilson: ¡"Hart of Dixie" finalmente en la televisión alemana!

Rachel Bilson: “Hart of Dixie” finally on German TV!

Rachel Bilson:"Hart of Dixie" finally on German television!

Finally with us too

wantedon 03/08/2013 | 13:58

Rachel Bilson is finally back on German TV! After “OC California” it was a bit calmer for the sweet actress, but now she’s back.

Rachel Bilson played “Summer Roberts” so well in “OC California” that the role that was actually only planned as a supporting role, quickly became one of the main characters.

Rachel Bilson in “Hart of Dixie”

Since “OC” was discontinued in 2007, 31-year-old Rachel Bilson has gotten a little quieter. She only appeared in two movies and otherwise only as a supporting cast in some series. But what only diehard Rachel Bilson fans should have noticed in this country: The sweet brunette is the protagonist again – and that since 2011! While two seasons of “Hart of Dixie” have already aired in the United States, we can now look forward to the new series starring Rachel Bilson. Sixx has taken over the hit series and will broadcast it weekly from Monday, April 8 at 8:15 pmRachel Bilson: What’s “Hart of Dixie” about?

“Hart of Dixie” tells the story of young New York doctor Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson), who ends up on the American wasteland. She is starting a job in Bluebell, Alabama and turn your whole life upside down. “Hart of Dixie” shines with unparalleled small-town charm, a sweet sense of the old, and a wonderful cast. Rachel Bilson gives the well-organized Zoe Hart so much heart and kindness that you just have to fall in love with her. All fans of typical girl series like “Gilmore Girls”, “Dawson`s Creek” and “Everwood” will get their money’s worth with “Hart of Dixie.”We loved Summer Roberts back then, so we’re excited to finally see cute Rachel Bilson on a show again. At the same time, we feel the great addiction potential of “Hart of Dixie.”Image Source: Facebook