After a friend surprised us a while ago with delicious cake pops, I tried it again. The cake pops are too delicious!

Do you still remember the ice cream cakes I made for one of Lilli’s birthdays in kindergarten? I wanted to repeat everything to remind you of this idea again. For a little variation, this time I gave the cake pops a rainbow look (inside). It takes a little longer, but in the end it looks great. =)

rainbow cake pops (2)

Ingredients for the popsicles

  • Cake (self-made or ready-made cake)
  • Jam, cream cheese, Nutella or similar
  • Coverage
  • small waffle cups
  • Sprinkles
  • Smarties
  • possibly food coloring

Ice Cream Pops (2)

I’ll be completely honest – it really does taste better when you use a cake that you baked yourself to make cake pops. But I’m always a bit lazy for that, so I prefer to use a ready-made cake.

Since I needed light cakes for the rainbow cake pops, I decided to use two ready-made lemon cakes. I freed them from their chocolate frosting beforehand.

Of course, a normal light sweet sand cake or marzipan cake is also suitable.

Popsicles (3)

Ice Cream Popsicles (4)

To make the dough kneadable and pliable, this time I chose apricot jam.

There are countless recipes for cake pops on the Internet, both for the version with a homemade cake and for the version with a ready-made cake. It is best to browse online until you find a recipe that suits your taste. =)


Cake pops dough is perfect when it feels like real clay.

For the rainbow cake pops, I divided the batter into six servings.

Popsicles (5)

Then I colored the batter portions yellow, orange, red, green, blue, and purple.

I keep using the Wilton Gel Paints to color. These colors are still the best and easiest to color. Plus, you really only need very, very little color. So the colors last for what seems like an eternity.

Tip: Make sure to wear disposable gloves to knead the paint! Colors not only stain the dough, but also the hands. 😉

Rainbow cake pops

Rainbow cake pops

After coloring, I formed little cake balls that will later represent the ice cream balls in the waffle cup. For each ball, I took a small piece of dough of each color and drew out the ball.

rainbow cake pops (2)

rainbow cake pops (3)

The colored popsicles are placed in the freezer for about ten minutes.

Meanwhile, you can melt some topping.

As soon as the cake pops are firm enough, remove them from the freezer. Then you dip the waffle cup a bit into the topping and “glue” the cake ball there.

Then put it in the freezer for another ten minutes.

Ice Cream Popsicles (6)

As soon as the cake pops are firmly attached to the waffle tins, you can fully dip them into the topping.

Ice Cream Popsicles (7)

I put a tablespoon of colored coverage directly on top of the light coverage. Colored sprinkles come directly on top and a Smartie in the middle.

popsicles (9)

rainbow cake pops (3)

Ready, good appetite!

popsicles (8)

I recommend chilling the cake pops for a while before consuming them so that they sit well.

Of course, the rainbow style works with regular cake pops on a stick too. And ice cream cup cake pops can also be used with many other cake pops recipes. The rainbow variant is just an idea. =)

Have fun copying and testing!

If you still have questions, go ahead!

I wish you a wonderful afternoon,

your Mari =)

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