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Rainbow Peckles: Colorful, happy, cheeky!

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Face confetti

When you think about changing your type, the first thing you think of is a new haircut or a new hair color. But have you ever thought what it would be like to paint freckles on your face to give yourself a new and interesting touch? The new makeup trend “Rainbow Freckles” suggests just that. And like so many beauty trends these days, Rainbow Freckles is one thing above all else: variegated!

Hey, Pippi Longstocking! What would the strong girl have been without her pretty freckles? Because the little dots that many women get in summer frame the eyes, evoke a cool, sun-kissed touch on the cheeks and make the face really eye-catching. But even if the sun is not with you, you do not have to do without the sweet accent on your face. Beauty gurus have long been using the trick of simply applying the tiny melanin pigments to your cheeks. Fashion and beauty brand Topshop, for example, even released a freckle pencil some time ago, which offers a deceptively realistic result.

The new makeup trend “Rainbow Freckles” takes everything to the extreme. Because the colored spots on the face should not depend on naturalness, but clearly attract attention. The bright color puts a cheeky accent on your face and is ideal as a party look, New Years Eve or Carnival, with which we guarantee that you will stand out from the crowd.

This is how you wear your rainbow freckles

There are several ways to create the appearance of dots. Liquid lipstick or eyeshadow, for example, are very suitable for achieving a beautiful color saturation. Then apply the color to the face with a fine round brush, for example a precision eyeshadow brush. Another option would be to paint the rainbow freckles on your face with colored lip liner or kohl pencils.

To make the look even more interesting, you can make some points larger than others and make the left and right halves of the face a bit asymmetrical. It totally depends on your taste if you want to keep the dots in a bright color, or if you choose different colors, if the colors should have a metallic sheen, or if you keep them in soft pastel shades. The classic kids birthday color mix of green, blue, red and yellow also looks great and makes your rainbow freckles look like colorful confetti.

We love bold and colorful makeup experiments like these rainbow freckles. Not only do they evoke a bold pop of color on your face, but they’re also guaranteed to put you in a great mood. Little Bonus: As a party look, rainbow dots are sure to attract the stares of one or another creation knight and thus offer you a harmless introductory topic if he dares to speak to you.

Image Source: iStock / malyugin, iStock / Gelner Tivadar