"Ralph tiene suficiente 2: Caos en la red" en el cine en casa: así es como puedes encontrar todos los huevos de Pascua ocultos

"Ralph Has Enough 2: Chaos on the Net" at the home theater – this is how you can find all the hidden Easter eggs

"Ralph Has Enough 2: Chaos on the Net" at the home theater - this is how you can find all the hidden Easter eggs

What was still impossible in the cinema now seems like a difficult but feasible challenge with the DVD sales release of “Ralph Reicht 2”, because countless allusions are hidden in the Disney sequel. Can you find them all?


Phil Johnston and Rich Moore hid endless cross-references (especially to brands from the Disney empire) in their sequel to the animated hit “Ralph Riches.” For this reason alone, “Ralph Enough 2: Chaos on the Net” is worth watching twice, once to meet the hero of the title (originally spoken by John C. Reilly) and his best friend, Princess Vanellope (Sarah Silverman ). To plunge into a new adventure and once again to enjoy all the little details that you don’t even notice at first glance. “Chaos im Netz” is finally available on DVD and Blu-ray from June 6, officially opening the great Easter egg hunt!

Allusions to Star Wars and Marvel

For all of you who wanted to go on a real Disney movie discovery journey, we took a very close look at Randale-Ralph’s latest adventure in January. So if you need a little jump start to finally find out when to search for the home of “Upstairs,” Marvel creator Stan Lee, for the airborne Iron Man or cult droid R2-D2, it’s worth examining. this article again:

The funniest Easter eggs from “Chaos on the Net”

The most important scenes

The advantage now in the home theater: on DVD and Blu-ray you can pause the movie over and over again to cross-reference images, which are often packed with innumerable details. Whether it begins in the office of the arcade operator Mr. Litwak or when Ralph and Vanellope hit the Internet, where they too are confronted for the first time with the infinity of the World Wide Web and meet the great powers of the Internet, from Google and Amazon to via IMDb to Instagram and Snapchat.


An Easter Egg Highlight: The Princess Scene

Other sequences that are worth pausing because they almost overflow before the Easter eggs are the princess scene and the “Oh My Disney” scene. Elsa, Arielle, Snow White and company wear T-shirts that refer to their respective stories, they have brought tricks from their movies, such as a poisoned apple, a frying pan or their pets, and sometimes they also tell about their life as a princess. And in the “Oh My Disney” scene, in which Ralph and Vanellope visit Disneyland’s digital counterpart, there are not only numerous Disney heroes hidden in the crowd, but also renowned Disney hotels like that. The small house and the Rise & Shine Inn.

Bonus: Internet cats, distant scenes, and more

In addition to the main movie, the “Chaos im Netz” Blu-ray also offers special features like an extensive making-of and a clip for the BuzzzTube Cats as well as a series of distant scenes that were not shown in theaters. Besides those little extra covers Looking for easter eggs some particularly well-hidden allusions that would be hard to find on your own without help – for example a snow globe, inside which is represented the kingdom of Arendelle, known as “The Ice Queen”, or the coffee cup with the inscription “Do you want it when?”, From which the lazy Flash drank in “Zoomania”. With the help of our Easter Egg article, the Easter Egg Special on Blu-ray and lots of (!) Pauses press, you can now go on a quest to find all the small and large allusions to Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and co. For discover!

By the way, there is no “network chaos” in this country on 3D Blu-ray or 4K. On DVD and Blu-ray are the two “Enough Ralph” movies in a double pack, for the full Randale Ralph load!

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