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Ralph Lauren connects

Ralph Lauren connects

New online store

wantedon October 18, 2011 | 13:01

The Ralph Lauren collection is now also available online.

The Ralph Lauren brand is now also launching a German online store. The Internet portal offers shopping and much more.

Attention fashionistas! Fashion brand Ralph Lauren is now also conquering the German online market. After the brand went online in the US in 2000 and in Britain in 2010, it is now finally arriving in Germany. With one click on RalphLauren.de you can now find the entire collection for men and women, as well as baby fashion and home collection online.

Ralph Lauren offers an individual clothing line

At Ralph Lauren’s online store, you can also build your own fashion collection. In the “Create your own” line, the models can be personalized with color, logo and monogram. The site also features interviews and videos that give users a behind-the-scenes look. But it also gives an insight into Ralph Lauren’s private life. You can admire his car collection or visit Ralph Lauren boutiques online. In any case, the new online store is worth a visit.

Image source: gettyimages