Rea Garvey y The BossHoss: ¿Zoff en el jurado?

Rea Garvey and The BossHoss: Zoff on the jury?

Rea Garvey and The BossHoss: Zoff on the jury?

the voice of Germany

wantedthe 25/11/2011 | 17:06

We know enough about candidate fights. Now coaches Rea Garvey and The BossHoss are also tackling “The Voice of Germany.”

Is the sympathetic Rea Garvey in “The Voice of Germany” robbed by riots?

It’s going well: yesterday the first episode of “The Voice of Germany” was broadcast. And the whore begins. No, not for once among the candidates. You know this from numerous episodes of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”, “Germany’s Next Top Model” or “Popstars”. And a not inconsiderable part of the success of these casting shows is certainly based on these pleasant disputes, which are so entertaining to watch. But with “The Voice of Germany”, whose jury includes Rea Garvey, now everything should be different. Better, of course. Because it’s not about the most beautiful movement of the hips or the ragged bitch. But surprise, it is actually the best voice.

Rea Garvey warms up the atmosphere in “The Voice of Germany”

Lest it be too boring for the poor, entertainment-spoiled viewer, when one great singer after another dances and the only question is who sings well and who best, the coaches step in personally. Including Xavier Naidoo and Nena, Rea Garvey and The BossHoss. The latter do not seem to get along very well with each other, which sometimes happens in the best jury, as evidenced by the (denied) rumors about a dispute between Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera in the American casting format “The Voice.”

Rea Garvey now commented on the first episode of “The Voice of Germany” about the evaluation of The BossHoss colleagues as “two faces, no ears.” The BossHoss responded, of course, and fired at him, calling Rea Garvey an “Irish goblin.” Nena also got involved and told The BossHoss they would infiltrate the candidates.

But it’s not that bad. After all, they are not only the contenders for “The Voice of Germany”, but also the coaches themselves, and there can be harmless jokes and a bit of wickedness. As long as the focus of Rea Garvey, The BossHoss and Nena remains on the main thing: the voice.

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