Realme anuncia competencia para Xiaomi Mi Band [UPDATE: Bild]

Realme announces competition for Xiaomi Mi Band [UPDATE: Bild]

Realme announces competition for Xiaomi Mi Band [UPDATE: Bild]

Realme wants to win over Xiaomi and Co. customers in Europe and in other markets, in the future also for fitness trackers like Xiaomi Mi Band.

There really is nothing better if a fitness bracelet should be as cheap as possible and still offer a lot. Of course, with these questions we come directly to Xiaomi’s Mi Band, which now even has a colorful AMOLED display with full touch control (see test report). Until now, Xiaomi has been able to expand virtually unrivaled in this area. Xiaomi had already burned itself on people’s heads with the first generations of the Mi Band. But now Oppo wants to get involved with the cheap Realme brand.

Realme reach the Xiaomi stars

At the end of the presentation of a much less interesting Android smartphone, one of the top minds at Realme India makes a small announcement. Unfortunately, there were not many details yet. However, it is already clear that Realme will soon be showing its own fitness tracker. And if we look at the strategy for Realme smartphones, we can expect some serious competition for the Mi Band.

What do we know today? Bright colors are expected. A yellow pattern was seen. Also, the first look at the fitness bracelet reveals that it should be relatively small or compact. Also, an aggressive price is to be expected, because this is exactly what Realme is trying to fish for its competitors’ customers in Europe.

To update: So now, there is a first image.

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