Reiniciar con "El batman": En el futuro debería haber 2 (!) Universos de cine DC

Reboot with "The batman": In the future there should be 2 (!) DC cinema universes

Reboot with "The batman": In the future there should be 2 (!) DC film universes

It’s finally clear that Robert Pattinson is the new Batman. But how does that fit into the DCEU, which already has an old Dark Knight played by Ben Affleck? The answer: “The Batman” will be the first movie in a new DC universe.

Warner Bros.

At least since the disappointing “Justice League” box office result, Warner and DC seem to have given up on the idea of ​​a closely linked narrative universe like competitor Marvel’s MCU. Sure, “Aquaman” or “Shazam!” They clearly play in the same world as “Batman V Superman” and company, but it is left with cross references. Guest appearances or even actual crossovers like “Justice League 2” won’t be there for now.

And now with “The Batman” (or whatever the movie is called), the first reboot of a character who has already acted in the so-called DCEU is in the starting blocks. Robert Pattinson will play a much younger Dark Knight for Matt Reeves than Ben Affleck in “BvS” and “Justice League,” and apparently he should be opening up a new narrative universe that is no longer connected to the DCEU at all.


At least that’s what the DC expert and the Forbes author, who is usually very trustworthy, claims. Mark Hughes in a series of tweets (just click on the embedded tweet for the whole thread):

So Pattison doesn’t play a younger version of Affleck’s Batman. Rather, “The Batman” should be the first film in a new DC cinematic universe., which will also include planned movies like “Supergirl” and “Batgirl.” With the individual films, a kind of Gotham mini-universe must be built (with Batman, Batgirl, Nightwing, etc.), while with “Supergirl” the foundation stone must be laid for a Kryptonian mini-universe (which later became a Superman reboot with a new actor). In this new DC cinematic universe, which is independent of the previous DCEU, crossovers with the various characters are planned again, according to Hughes.which, of course, also depends on how well the individual films are received by fans and critics and at the box office.

The DCEU continues

At the same time, according to Hughes, the DCEU movie series like “Wonder Woman” and “Aquaman” that have already begun will continue. (In this row you can probably also “Suicide Squad” and “Shazam!“Even if Hughes doesn’t explicitly name them). All of these films were successful enough to receive sequels, and of course Warner and DC will not want to do without another potential billion dollar hit with “Aquaman 2”.

According to Hughes, crossovers between these DCEU movie series are also conceivable (Jason Momoa’s Aquaman could meet Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman again), possibly as a grand finale performance before removing this universe.

Robert Pattinson and Margot Robbie in a movie?

However, Hughes considers a crossover between the DCEU and DC’s new cinematic universe unlikely.Although theoretically a solution inspired by the “X-Men” movies would also be questioned, in which parts of the previous DCEU continuity are ignored because Robert Pattinson’s Batman and Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn are actually wanted in the same movie. .

However, all of this is far away at the moment. Hughes himself emphasizes that these plans are by no means set in stone and may well change again. Whether “The Batman” really is the cornerstone of a new DC cinematic universe depends, of course, on the (not unlikely) success of this film. And if “Aquaman 2” or “Wonder Woman 1984” fails, there probably won’t be a third part in this series.

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