Google Lens ahora es un poco más similar a la cámara de Google: nueva actualización sobre la marcha

Recognizes Almost Everything – Why You Should Know About and Use the Free Google Lens App

Google Lens is now a bit more similar to Google's camera - new update on the fly

Google Lens followed Goggles and got significantly smarter over the years. With this application we get answers to everyday questions, simply through the camera.

A few years ago, Google introduced a new Android application called Lens, whose functionality was already partially known. But now they started a new attempt, buried Google Goggles and took new paths with a little more commitment. Today, Google Lens is a very powerful app that should be able to do a lot more in the future. At the time of writing this article, Google Lens can do a lot, the all-terrain tool should not be missing from any Android smartphone.

Google Lens replaced Google Goggles

Google Lens is a tool that can see the world through the camera. And enough today. For example, there is the option to recognize text so that it can be copied directly to the smartphone. So you never have to copy text again, Google Lens transfers it to your phone. This also applies to translations that can be done live. For example, road signs written in a foreign country are translated in seconds without any manual input.

Lens can also see plants, buildings, and other objects. Sometimes it offers the right solution right away, sometimes it shows a narrower selection of similar things. For example, we often use Google Lens outdoors because botany is not necessarily my specialty. Hold the camera for a moment and Google will tell me numerous details about the plant in question, that’s amazing.

And there is more to come. It is already known that Lens will also be able to solve more complex mathematical problems in the future. In the optimal case even with a representation of the chosen solution.

Google Lens: nifty and free

I’m already very excited about Google Lens in everyday life and I definitely don’t want to miss out on this app anymore. Maybe you didn’t know about Google Lens, so give it a try. Like most comparable Google services, this app can also be used for free.