"Club de lazos rojos": VOX celebra el éxito en índices de audiencia con la primera serie de producción propia

"Red ribbons club": VOX celebrates success in ratings with first self-produced series

It was a risk, but it turned out to be a success. For the first time ever, the VOX streamer produced its own series, earned dream ratings, and even outperformed the US series competition.

Vox / Guido Lange

Today at VOX, one or the other champagne cork is likely to burst. Producing his own series was certainly a financial risk, but it was probably worth it. At least the beginning of the “Red Ribbons Club” wanted to see a lot of spectators. VOX aired two episodes in a double pack, the ratings even growing from the first to the second episode. With 1.61 million viewers in the so-called advertising-relevant target group aged 14-49, the third best came right behind “The Big Bang Theory” (1.62 million) and “Bauer sucht Frau” (1 , 98 million). Daily result. In terms of the total number of viewers, the sitcom Pro7 was even surpassed with 2.46 million viewers, which totaled 2.1 million viewers.

Station managers should be particularly pleased that ratings have grown, as I said. Because it shows that the audience was attentive, which suggests that the drama not only convinced the critics, but also the public. The enthusiasm for the series also prevailed on social media. Under the Hashtag #ClubderrotenBaender there are numerous enthusiastic voices.

“Club de los Lazos Rojos” tells the story of six young people who, despite their diagnoses, do not want to fall into a hospital …

The first season comprises a total of ten episodes, which are broadcast in double episodes on Mondays starting at 8.15pm.