Redmi K30 Pro llegará en marzo: signo de interrogación para Europa

Redmi K30 can be used for Google Pay and classic headphones

Xiaomi reveals more important details about the Redmi K30 (Mi 10T) ahead of market launch and is a source of excitement.

Before the presentation of the Redmi K30 (Mi 10T), Xiaomi reveals more details, and there were two good news last weekend. An NFC module was not always a routine matter for Redmi smartphones, but it is essential for Google Pay and similar services. In the new Redmi K30 there is such an NFC module, Xiaomi confirms with several advances a few days before the presentation of the new top smartphone from the internal “cheap brand” for Android smartphones.

Redmi K30: everything your heart desires

But that was not all. Hi-Res Audio is also supported, but the Redmi K30 still offers a classic headphone output. Better known as a 3.5mm jack plug. Or just “latch.” Some people attach great importance to this, so the Redmi K30 will be the right smartphone for you.

After Xiaomi introduced the Redmi K30 in Asia, it will soon arrive in Europe as the Mi 10T. We will inform you accordingly.