Reem puede quedarse

Reem can stay

Reem can stay

Good news for Reem and his family! The 14-year-old girl, her 2 younger siblings and her parents will probably be able to stay in Germany. Thanks to a new law! Starting in September, the following should apply to teens: Anyone who has lived in Germany for at least 4 years and has a good command of the language is not only tolerated anymore, but can stay longer in the future. At the moment: only those who have lived in Germany for at least 6 years and are well integrated have the opportunity to have the right to stay.

Reem has been living in Rostock with his family for 4 years and is well integrated. Under current law, the family must fear deportation. That should change now! The Palestinian Reem was born in a refugee camp in Lebanon. Her delivery was difficult and in the worst conditions: due to lack of oxygen, she suffers from paralysis on one side. He settled quickly and well in Germany, he has many friends and he speaks perfectly both German and English and a little Swedish. And he has set lofty goals that are only overshadowed by his fear of deportation: “I want to study, that is really my wish. But it is really unpleasant to see how others can enjoy life, and you cannot enjoy it yourself. “

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