¡Recuerda todos los días de su vida!

Remember all the days of your life!

Rebecca Sharrock’s ability is called Hypertimetic syndrome. Only between 60 and 80 people suffer from it and can remember practically their entire life. Rebecca and the others know exactly what they will do I have thought and felt what day it was and what time. Incredible!

But that’s not all: Rebecca’s first memory doesn’t start with her fourth year of life when other people can remember first, instead of them 12 days (!) Old I was: “My first memory, which I can name exactly, came from when I was about 12 days old. My parents put me in the driver’s seat of their car (my father’s idea) to take my picture. When I was a newborn boy, I was curious about what the driver’s seat and the steering wheel looked like. However, he was not yet the age where one already had the ability to explore those things. “