Recuerde a BMW: estos modelos ya no pueden conectarse al cable de carga

Remember BMW: these models can no longer connect to the charging cable

Remember BMW: these models can no longer connect to the charging cable

With many BMW plug-in hybrids, a short circuit can occur during charging. The manufacturer reacts quickly and recalls the affected models. The delivery has also stopped.

BMW plug-in hybrids: sweat beads can cause short circuits

A small production error in BMW plug-in hybrids can short-circuit the high-voltage battery of the semi-electric car during charging. The weld bead that can form when the components are welded (i.e. nothing to do with bodily fluids) is usually removed in an additional production step.

However, in the period from March 13 to August 6, the devil of errors infiltrated BMW: internal investigations of the vehicle manufacturer had shown that the beads of sweat were not completely removed during this period, reports the portal

“In rare cases, depending on the shape, size and position of the weld bead, contamination during the initial charging process could cause a malfunction, such as a short circuit in the high-voltage battery,” BMW explained to the portal. The delivery of the corresponding models has been stopped; BMW also informs the around 100 individually affected vehicle owners. Another 900 affected vehicles have yet to be delivered. The problem affects nearly 4,500 vehicles worldwide.

According to, the following models are affected: Series 3, Series 3 Touring, X1, X2, X3, X5, Series 2 Active Tourer, Series 7, Series 5 and Series 5 Touring and Mini Countryman . Currently, the Federal Motor Transport Authority is making an official recall, according to the report.

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On-the-go charging possible to a limited extent

The affected hybrid electric cars from BMW cannot be charged at home charging stations or wall charging stations due to the risk of short circuits. On the way, charging is possible “with restrictions”, writes Vehicle owners should receive more information about their BMW options in the near future.