Replacement for "How i met your mother"Fans with the new sitcom "My time / Your time"

Replacement for "How i met your mother"Fans with the new sitcom "My time / Your time"

It’s been about two years since “How I Met Your Mother” ended. Now the creators are back and want to bring a new series to television. “My Time / Your Time” is about long distance relationships.


Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, as well as CBS television station, had a successful partnership: “How I Met Your Mother” ran for nine seasons. But a later split did not lead to the continuation. The television station rejected the pilot for “How I Met Your Dad.” But now there is a renewed cooperation.

Again Hollywood reporter reported, Bays and Thomas were able to make the comedy series “My Time / Your Time” attractive to the broadcaster. CBS has now commissioned a pilot. If it is more popular this time, a full series will be ordered.

The new series How I Met Your Mother is about long distance relationships. The focus is on a young couple who are just beginning to take their relationship a long distance. So there should be two places, two cliques around the lead actors, double the portion, so to speak.

Bays and Thomas will not be responsible for “My Time / Your Time” as authors, they will only produce it. Hilary Winston, who was responsible for the short-lived television series adaptation of the film “Bad Teacher” and wrote scripts for episodes of series such as “Community” and “My Name Is Earl,” is handling the scripts.

The model for the new sitcom by Winston and the creators of “How I Met Your Mother” is the web series “7P / 10E”, in which a young couple meet online via video chat and communicate exclusively through this. It can be assumed that this narrow frame will be abandoned in the sitcom, but probably the video chat element, for example, as the frame for each episode (they both tell their experiences similar to how Ted tells everything to his children in “How I Met Your Mother”) or is still present as a recurring event.

You can also watch the first episode of the web series below, all 32 episodes can be found on the YouTube channel “7P / 10E”.