Informe: anorexia

Report: anorexia

Report: anorexia

+ + Hanna tells her story + +

Your body’s warning signals are getting stronger. Hanna’s hair falls out, her heart beats slower and slower, and her bones become porous like an old woman’s.

Hanna remember: “What affected my family even more was the fact that I didn’t want to improve.” She accepted all the consequences of her anorexia. “Not eating anything was the purpose of my life. If dying was part of that, then it was like this “says Hanna, who today can no longer understand this line of thinking on her own. “I was convinced that the problem was not mine, but the other’s.” No one can communicate with her, not friends or family.

Anorexia: Information and Help for Anorexic People

Hanna lies to everyone: she has a gastrointestinal flu or a food allergy. In his deception maneuvers, he pulls out all the stops: “At home I distributed breadcrumbs, put glasses of yogurt in the garbage can and threw the contents down the sink.”. At the age of 15, he was finally not allowed to go home after a check-up at the hospital. But when she returns home, Hanna is still hungry. At some point, after all, it only weighs 40 kilograms with a height of 1.70 meters. Hanna: “I was so weak that I could barely get up on my own. But I still didn’t think she was anorexic. “