Nueva frustración con los teléfonos con píxeles: el nuevo Android 11 también trajo un Bluetooth inestable: cientos de mensajes

Report: Google has dropped a radar chip in the Pixel 5

New frustration with pixel phones: The new Android 11 also brought unstable Bluetooth - hundreds of messages

A special feature of the latest generation of pixels generated little interest. The single radar chip should probably not be found in the Pixel 5.

With the new Pixel 4, Google introduced a radar chip for its Android smartphones last October, which is called Soli and is responsible for gesture control. Probably a not-so-good idea, which in the end barely aroused interest among the people. Motion Sense, as the end-customer product is called, no longer appears to be a problem for the upcoming Pixel 5. Well-informed colleagues like Stephen Hall, to whom the information was leaked, they report.

Pixel smartphones: the radar chip turns off again after a generation

Motion Sense should also be open to application developers and at the beginning of Pixel 4 sales there were already the first games. But little has changed since then. Google itself added new gestures at some point, and that was it again. Personally, I don’t use Motion Sense at all today, the radar chip wouldn’t have been worth any additional charges in my opinion. For Google to save space and money, that would not be a great loss.

To update: The comment was rightly criticized for not mentioning the approach anywhere. This allows Soli to recognize that the user’s hand is moving towards the smartphone and the device is activated. So you don’t have to activate it “manually”. But there were often enough wrong entries, that is, when the mobile phone passed, the device is still activated and at the correct angle is unlocked directly due to face unlock. So everything has two sides.

Motion Sense in the video