El software de Samsung revela nuevas funciones de la cámara del Galaxy S11 / S20

Report on the huge battery of the Samsung Galaxy S11 +

Samsung software reveals new Galaxy S11 / S20 camera features

Samsung wants to increase the capacity of the S11 series, buyers of new smartphones can expect significantly larger batteries.

At just 4100 mAh, the Samsung Galaxy S10 + battery wasn’t particularly large, but that should change with the S11 + successor. Samsung has been saying for a while that South Koreans want to significantly increase the batteries of the S11 series. The battery intended for the S11 + is said to have been submitted for certification, so the capacity is already known today.

Samsung is increasing battery capacity

Potential buyers of the Samsung Galaxy S11 + can expect a battery with a capacity of 5000 mAh. Pretty good, right? This battery might also be required if the screen is running at 90 or even 120 Hz. A higher refresh rate also affects the battery.

As already mentioned, bigger batteries are expected for the Galaxy S11e and Galaxy S11. Huawei will take a look at it and perhaps react with equivalent optimizations, even with the P30 Pro the maximum was already reached at 4200 mAh.

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