Los titulares de Girocard ahora pagan sin contacto hasta 50 euros sin PIN

Restaurant only allows card payments and allows cash advocates to cook

Girocard holders now pay contactless up to 50 euros without PIN

A restaurant in Hamburg makes headlines because it bans cash as a means of payment. It is better not to read comments on the Internet.

In recent days there has been interesting news from Hamburg, because a restaurant has cut out cash. Heat in Hamburg only allows payment by card, handheld device or smartphone. It’s actually a great thing, also because it saves the operator a lot of money and work. Even the tax office should applaud with joy. But it gets absurd when we take a look at Google reviews.

Instead of using them for what they were intended, people vent their artificial anger. In the past few hours, reviews have been piling up based solely on how people feel about disposing of cash. Contrary to these ratings, comes the other point of view, the defenders protect the operator and distribute 5-star ratings.

Cash lovers are in full swing, even though they don’t even eat out in Hamburg

  • You have not understood what it means to get rid of cash!
  • Impossible not to accept cash
  • Unfortunately, only card payments can be made. People don’t even realize how much they fall for the control system when everything is done electronically.
  • Out of cash, they didn’t hear the shot.
  • It does not accept cash and therefore excludes people.
  • As cash payments are no longer possible there, I no longer have the option to eat there. Cash is still an official means of payment for me.
  • No pizza in this world can be so good that you have to pay with a credit card. I want to decide for myself in the future if I want to pay by cash or by card!
  • It was like being expelled. Is there nothing to eat without a card?
  • It does not accept legal tender (cash).
  • Can I do without it? The guy wants to tell me how to pay. A cheek like no other. It’s a shame he doesn’t live there. It would allow me the fun of eating there and then having cash.
  • So a pizzeria no longer wants to accept the only valid means of payment in Germany?

I pay 90% with the card. But to visit a place that 100% requires me to pay with a card, I would never go there.

You can only find more comments and sometimes more cheeky by looking at Mopo’s Facebook post. Or just drop it off and enjoy the next weekend.