Artículos para el hogar: Amazon cierra la despensa

Retail trade decline: online also suffered

Household items: Amazon closes the pantry

A blockade like the one prevailing in Germany is also detrimental to doing business on the Internet. Short-term work and existential fear influence buying behavior.

The fact that many more people are now spending more time on the Internet and having to do without fixed retail as much as possible does not automatically translate to an advantage for online retail. The closure, rightly controversial, is already causing an economic crisis, because the population is not exactly in a shopping mood due to short-term work and widespread fear of existence. In a year-on-year comparison, the month of March looks quite bleak for almost all industries, as announced by the “German Federal Association for Electronic Commerce and Mail Order” (bevh for short).

Online trading is not booming to the previous level

It’s -35% for clothing, -31% for shoes, -28% for furniture and decor, -52% for jewelry and watches, and even almost -77% for digital services. The few booming industries out there today can’t even come close to balancing the entire online economy, as the whole disaster for the German economy is already evident in these figures. -20% are currently on the clock for all e-commerce year after year.

The only positive is that the entire first quarter is still slightly positive year-on-year with + 1.5%. Growth in the first quarter of this year was therefore well below the previous year’s solid figure of 11.2%. But there is a slightly positive outlook, at least that’s what the first surveys on the business situation in recent weeks say.

“In addition to weekly consumer information, the bevh has been questioning its members about the business situation on a regular basis since the beginning of March. Only in the last days of March, which could no longer be recorded in the consumer survey, there was an upturn in demand, which, however, can in no way compensate for the loss of sales “.