Regreso de culto en Netflix: así de entusiasta está la cadena con la sorpresa en "Cómo vender drogas ..."

Return of cult on Netflix: that’s how enthusiastic the chain is with the surprise in "How to sell drugs …"

Return of cult on Netflix: that's how enthusiastic the chain is with the surprise in "How to sell drugs ..."

Attention, little spoiler about “How to sell drugs online (fast)”! Netflix’s new German series has some hilarious guest appearances, the most surprising of which is definitely that of Jonathan Frakes, who many are absolutely raving about.


“How to Sell Medicines Online (Fast)” is peppered with all kinds of Easter eggs and cameos. The biggest and best surprise to most is probably The special appearance of the American actor and director Jonathan Frakes directly in the second episode. Has been. He enjoys absolute cult status not only as Picard’s first officer on “Spaceship Enterprise: The Next Century,” but especially in Germany as host of the mystery show “X-Factor: The Incredible,” which ran from 1997 to 2002.

For “How to sell medicines online (fast)”, where from time to time explanations for certain phenomena or terms are inserted, similar to the financial satire “The Big Short”, the creators of the bildundtonfabrik (also produces the ”Neo Magazin Royale“ ) Frakes can win to be able to explain the Darknet in the best “X-factor” way (and in German by his regular voice actor Detlef Bierstedt). This was done using the studio environment, which was also used in “Neo Magazin” for parodies of Florentin Will’s “X-Factor” (who, by the way, also has guest appearances in “How to Sell Drugs”).

Frakes fan joy

Regardless, many viewers were absolutely thrilled with Frakes’ quasi “X-Factor” comeback. and shared their euphoria about it and about the series itself TwitterSome even want a full episode or series of their own for Jonathan Frakes:

For us too, the appearance of Jonathan Frakes is one of the highlights of “How to Sell Medicines Online (Fast)”. The interlude was surprising not only because the series is a German production, but also because American star Frakes is now more of a series narrator and director (including in “Star Trek: Discovery,” the upcoming “Star Trek: Picard” and the “Star Trek” -Persiflage / -Hommage “The Orville”) that is active in front of the camera.

If “How To Sell Medicines Online (Fast)” is also helpful in addition to the fun Darknet explainer lesson, you can read our first impression or just discover it yourself on Netflix. All six episodes of the first season have been available on the streaming service since May 31, 2019.

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