Regreso de las "scrunchies": Vuelve el must-have de los 80

Return of the “scrunchies": The must-have of the 80s is back

Return of the "scrunchies": The must-have of the 80s is back

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wantedthe 09/12/2014 | 11:02

Shoulder pads, waist pants, rhinestone belts and company. It was the trends that celebrated their absolute heyday in the 80s and 90s, enjoyed huge popularity, and then disappeared from the scene as extremely uncool. But it wasn’t just these trends that determined the look of the time. Do you still remember, for example, what hair accessories fashion-conscious women wore on shows like “Full House,” “Who’s the Boss,” or “Friends”? Well, they were those awful wide velvet headbands with a checkered or floral print. Now, surprisingly, retro scrunchies continue to appear on various catwalks and teach the bourgeoisie of bourgeois fashion a lesson. You can find out what so-called “scrunchies” look like today and who is shaping the trend here and in our photo show.

Gone are the days when the trends of the 80s were labeled “outdated.” Because everyone is coming back, including those who would have least expected it, because from today’s perspective, they actually looked too terrible. Really.

Once Upon a time …

Let’s think about our favorite TV series from the 80s, in which all the protagonists had the same style. It was noted that the ladies had their hair gathered on the bench and there they fixed it with one of these plush ribbons covered with gathered fabric. These wide headbands are called hair ties. At the time they were made of dark red velvet or printed polyester. Back then, because then Carrie Bradshaw, one of the most famous fictional characters of our time, came along and sealed the hair ties as inelegant with the words, “No self-respecting woman would ever walk with a tie.” A time when a lot of women probably ripped the scrunchy out of their hair and banished it forever behind the couch or at least directly in the trash.

Apparently, a style icon like Sarah Jessica Parker, aka Carrie Bradshaw, may be wrong, because now the most popular designers have lifted Carrie’s curse and pulled the rubbers out of their depths.

Today’s scrunchie

Contrary to Carrie Bradshaw’s expectations, it’s wide hair ties with a terrible reputation that are all the rage. And almost exactly as it was then: On Top. Tied at the top like a palm tree, high bun, or messy bun, ’80s favorites now tower over the heads of It girls like Cara Delevingne, Rita Ora, or Prince Harry’s former Cressida Bonas. Even experienced women like Sienna Miller, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Beckinsale or Catherine Zeta-Jones have already been seen with the new piece. There is also plenty of inspiration for hip fashion sin on Instagram under the hashtag #scrunchiesofinstagram.

A modern scrunchie differs a bit from the model of the 80s: today, hair ties are made of leather or the best silk and shine in bright and shiny colors or, for beginners, they are carefully matched to the color of the hair. .

The Chanel, Rag & Bone, Missoni and Marc by Marc Jacobs labels are probably not entirely innocent of this relevant comeback, as they have favored the return of the scrunchies on their catwalks. The latter offers, for example, classic black and white prints made of cotton twill, while Missoni has satin and knit scrunchies with a crochet look.

Yes or no to scrunchie?

We can’t really decide yet if we like the newly released Scrunchies or if they are still too much of a fashionable sin on our necks. The truth, however, is that they are gentler on the hair than our conventional headbands and, thanks to their soft structure, they no longer leave an ugly knot in the hair when removed. Also, the straps create a weird, cool look and add volume to the head. So it seems that we are really impressed. However, it is also a fact that wide ribbons convey a cool attitude on the street, when celebrating exuberantly or in pleasant gatherings, but they have no place in glamorous events and are still considered the sin of fashion of the 80s .

We show you our favorite scrunchies, how to wear them and how not to wear them in our image gallery.