Ridley Scotts "Prometeo"-Continuación "Alien: Pacto" tiene estreno en cines alemanes

Ridley scotts "Prometheus"-Continuation "Alien: Covenant" has a German theatrical release

“Alien: Covenant” will be Ridley Scott’s sequel to “Prometheus” and at the same time another prequel to the legendary “Alien.” Fox will bring the sci-fi film to German theaters in October 2017.

Fox Germany

Ridley Scott has recently talked a lot about his current sci-fi project “Alien: Covenant,” which until recently was known as “Prometheus 2,” then “Alien: Paradise Lost,” and finally “Alien: Covenant.” . Let’s wait and see what the name of the movie that hits our theaters is, it should be ready on October 5, 2017.

But Ridley Scott, currently with “The Martian – Save Mark Watney” in our theaters, commented on not only the titles, but other sequels as well. In addition to “Alien: Covenant,” as of today, there are two more movies waiting for us.Alien“(1979) game. Including “Prometheus – Dark Characters”, the prequel counter is four.

In “Alien: Covenant” and the other two upcoming prequels, the basic “Alien” questions should be answered. Why does the alien exist, who could have created it, where does it come from? “Covenant” is the name of a colony spaceship whose crew is discovering a seemingly intact paradise, but in reality the alien world is dark and dangerous and not uninhabited …

Michael Fassbender, the synthetic David of “Prometheus”, will appear again in front of the cameras of “Alien: Covenant”, perhaps also Noomi Rapace as Elizabeth Shaw, but it is missing in the official synopsis.


From a report of Daily display programs, director Ridley Scott confirmed the return of “Prometheus” actress Noomi Rapace a few days ago. At a press conference on November 27, 2015, he said that Michael Fassbender would play two roles, while Rapace would only play a small one. However, the contracts have yet to be signed.