Rihanna rompe el silencio

Rihanna breaks the silence

Rihanna breaks the silence

I had in February of this year Chris Brown his girlfriend at the time Rihanna brutally beaten after an argument. Now the singer has finally broken her silence. In an interview with host Diane Sawyer from “Good morning america” reviewed the night. Rumors of how the attack occurred, has now been confirmed: Chris received a message from an unknown woman, after which Rihanna confronted him. “I caught him lyingHe didn’t tell me the truth and I didn’t want to let him get away with it. “Rihanna explained, adding in a cracking voice: “He ended up getting violent with me. It was ugly ”.

“All along I thought: when will it finally end? He had no soul in his eyes. There was simply nothing. I was completely passed out. “

When asked if he hates it now, he replied:“No, I don’t hate it.”He even wished him all the best in his life, his career, and that he learned from the incident.

However, he regrets giving him another chance shortly after the brutal attack. “I am only human. I started to lie to myself. (…) When I realized that my selfish choice for love could end in the death of a young woman for returning to her boyfriend, I could no longer bear the responsibility. (…) I say this to any girl who has been the victim of domestic violence: don’t just react out of love. Love is so blind. “

In hindsight it was Love for Chris is dangerous all the time. Rihanna stated: “The more we fell in love, the more dangerous we became to each other. We were obsessed with each other. “

Chris Brown wasn’t happy at all, by the way on Rihanna’s open interview: “My opinion is: these details should remain private matters”said the singer of R’n’B MTV.

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