Rihanna: ¿La vieron con marihuana?

Rihanna: Did they see her with marijuana?

Rihanna: Did they see her with marijuana?

Police control

wantedthe 04/09/2014 | 17:06

Rihanna does not hide the fact that she is in favor of legalizing marijuana. Already on his social media profiles, he caused a stir with his attitude and matching photos. Now new photos have allegedly appeared, in which the 26-year-old is said to be smoking marijuana with delight.

After her European tour, Rihanna enjoyed the beautiful Mediterranean weather for a few days. At first, the beauty of Barbados made Italy an unsafe place and caused a sensation among fans on her Twitter profile with hot photos. In a tight bikini, the 26-year-old lounged in lewd poses on her yacht in the sun. However, the new images of Rihanna should show them from a completely different side.

Rihanna is said to have been searched by the police in Corsica.

After making a stop on the French island of Corsica, according to the newspaper “Blick”, several photographs of Rihanna appeared, which should be shown with a transparent bag, whose content looks suspiciously like marijuana. In other photos you should even see how the interpreter of “Only Girl” smokes with delight – The suspicion is obvious that it is the contents of your bag.Rihanna detained by police

Rihanna could have committed a crime with the action, after all, possession of marijuana is not allowed in France. According to various media reports, the singer and her team were immediately detained by the police while riding a quad bike. It is not known what the consequences were of the police officers’ encounter with Rihanna and her crew. For the “Diamonds” interpreter, however, it would not be the first time that she has been criticized for her predilection for drugs. Last year, on April 20, World Marijuana Day, he posted a photo of him blasting provocative smoke at the target. Obviously, it wasn’t just any cigarette. Rihanna doesn’t seem to hide her preferences.

Rihanna likes to offend with her supposed preference for drugs. As long as marijuana is not legal, you should not be seen in public with it. After all, a celebrity rarely goes unnoticed.

Image Source: Getty Images / Simone Joyner