Rihanna: ¿Le gustan las mujeres ahora?

Rihanna: Do you like women now?

Rihanna: Do you like women now?

New flirtation

wantedthe 09/05/2014 | 17:13

After her brief relationship with rapper Drake, Rihanna is back in the singles market. So far, the beautiful singer has simply had no luck with men. Apparently Rihanna has had enough of the eternal attempts at relationships and is now seeking happiness with a woman.

Rihanna hasn’t been taken happily for a long time. According to media reports, her relationship with Drake, her on-and-off lover, was like a roller coaster ride with some ups and downs and even lower: only after a short time, wedding rumors began to circulate and only a few weeks later, the relationship of Rihanna and Drake were over again.

Has Rihanna been into women lately?

Rihanna also tried her luck several times with Chris Brown, but to no avail. Is the 26-year-old now drawing a line and turning to the female gender? “Mail Online” reports that the “What Now” interpreter was seen with a half-naked woman during her summer vacation in the Mediterranean. However, it is not known who the stranger was next to Rihanna. However, it is said that Rihanna and her friend got along on their yacht.Rihanna enjoys the sunny side of life

Rihanna is finally having fun again after love chaos with Drake has taken hold in recent weeks. Is stress with the rapper the reason Rihanna is now turning to the female gender? At least “Mail Online” speculates if RiRi has switched to the other bank without further ado. There is no evidence, such as intimate photos of the two women. However, he is much closer to the conclusion that the “Diamonds” singer simply wants to enjoy the holidays with her good friend.

Rihanna is young and enjoying her life. Even if you look forward to it, this is still your private decision. But the singer is probably just enjoying her single life and break from show business to vent.

Image Source: Getty Images / Christopher Polk