Rihanna: Se filtró la primera canción del nuevo álbum

Rihanna: First song from new album leaked


wantedthe 01/05/2015 | 12:18

It has been more than two years since Rihanna released her last studio album, “Unapologetic.” Before a new work by the pop diva with the title “R8” is supposed to appear this year, “World Peace” has already been unofficially published on the Internet as one of the songs that are presumably about to come out …

Rihanna’s Navy can rejoice. Fans have been waiting for more than two years for the new music from the “Diamonds” singer and on January 2 their wait was finally rewarded. As reported by “HollywoodLife”, “World Peace” was unofficially posted on the internet that day. The track is said to be part of Rihanna’s new album, which will likely be released this year and is rumored to be titled “R8.”

Rihanna could get the next hit with “World Peace”

Anyone who hears “World Peace” has to admit that the song is actually Rihanna’s style and is even somewhat reminiscent of her 2011 hit “We Found Love” in terms of rhythm. You can dance the track very well, but the lyrics of the potential hit are also compelling – just like we are used to from Rihanna. Therefore, it is not surprising that “World Peace” quickly spread among fans of the 26-year-old, as “HollywoodLife” continues to report.

Rihanna wants to stay away from boys

Rihanna has yet to publicly comment on the leak of her newest hit, but a source told HollywoodLife that the singer wants to stay away from men like her ex-boyfriends Chris Brown and Drake in the new year. “He will no longer get involved with anyone in the industry like this. These guys bring nothing but pain and love sickness “, so the alleged insider information. So it looks like Rihanna has her head free for music this year …

Even if the fact that “World Peace” was leaked and therefore unofficially released is not necessarily a cause for joy for Rihanna and her most loyal fans, RiRi and her Marina can be pleased that the song has been so well received so far. . We won’t know if this is actually a track from their new album until it’s released, so hopefully With the consent of the artist!Image Source: Getty Images / Jason Merritt