Rihanna tiene un sucio deseo navideño

Rihanna has a dirty Christmas wish

Rihanna has a dirty Christmas wish

Bulky package

wantedthe 11/05/2014 | 14:10

Permission and ready to amaze, this is how we know and love Rihanna. In an interview with the women’s magazine “Elle”, for which she also posed topless, the self-proclaimed “Badgal” (German: “Bad Girl”) revealed what she was looking forward to for Christmas. And this gift would look especially good under the Christmas tree when wrapped in a bow …

Not only on stage and on red carpets, Rihanna likes to flaunt her sexy body, the gorgeous singer is also not stingy with her charms on her social media profiles. Instagram even went so far that the “badgalriri” account was deactivated due to the revealing photos. Fortunately, however, the operators took heart and recently reopened the hot runner. Rihanna was serious when she called her 2007 album “Good Girl Gone Bad,” because everyone knows: This woman not only sprinkles with sex, she also loves to talk about it. He proved it in a recent interview with “Elle.”

Rihanna has a very special Christmas wish …

But it’s not just the looks that are symptomatic of Rihanna’s lewd reputation, Their attitude and choice of words also show that not only do men constantly think about one thing. When asked what makes a man horny, the 26-year-old’s clear statement is: “Every man who tells me what to do is sexy!” So Rihanna likes to be dominated … Over the course of the conversation, the singer didn’t get any less embarrassing: if it was a jewel, it would be a necklace and her mantra was “F ** k bitches, they get money!”

Rihanna wants a cock for Christmas

However, the real hammer came completely unexpectedly in the fairly neutral “Christmas” theme area. Because Rihanna doesn’t want expensive clothes, electronics, or concert tickets. no, Rihanna wants a “big shaved cock” from Baby Jesus.“Despite the 26-year-old dealing with her open-hearted sexuality, the R’n’B queen appears to be shy. Her biggest fear is giving birth to a child, Rihanna reported from “Elle” on.Rihanna is synonymous with femininity and sensuality and she loves to play with them. On the other hand, we consider that your very special Christmas wish is a bit of an exaggeration. But Rihanna certainly has enough male fans who would present her with this personal gift wrapped in a red bow under the Christmas tree. Volunteer first!

Image Source: Facebook / ELLE Magazine (US)