Rihanna tiene a su diseñador de uñas volando

Rihanna has her nail designer flying

Rihanna has her nail designer flying

Expensive fun

wantedthe 09/12/2014 | 13:21

It’s hard to have the perfect style permanently, but it’s part of the business – when it comes to looks, many stars like to dig deep into their wallets here and there. Rihanna also likes to be generous when it comes to her looks: With a $ 29 million fortune, she can afford a luxury or two. Even on vacation, the singer needs her designer close by, and is willing to spend a lot on it …

For a few weeks, Rihanna has been taking a break and sailing the Mediterranean with her yacht. Every once in a while, the 26-year-old gets off to make stops in Sardinia and Sicily. But even the best spas and beauty salons in Italy can’t convince Rihanna, according to the “Daily Mirror”: she wants her favorite nail designer, but she’s in England.

Rihanna has a front row seat at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

For Rihanna, however, according to the “Daily Mirror”, this distance is not a problem: later, the nail designer Jenny Longworth will take her from England. With a first class flight, of course. Even luxury accommodations shouldn’t be lacking, so Longworth, who counts stars like Jessie J among her clientele, can fully focus on Rihanna. To gift herself the perfect toenails and nails of her favorite nail designer, Rihanna reportedly gladly paid the proud price of 7,500 euros in this case.

Rihanna would rather pay a lot than take a chance

Rihanna wants to be able to trust her glam gear. He has known Jenny for a while and loves her technology, so he would rather pay for her flight to Italy than risk going with someone strange, “a source told the” Mirror. ” Rihanna should also travel with a stylist who takes care of her curls. The singer is still looking for an eyelash extensions guru. Working for Rihanna is probably worth it: “Rihanna’s staff loves working for her, so they can party like rock stars on an extravagant yacht abroad. Once you are part of the inner circle, the benefits are endless. ”

Of course, as a celebrity, you always have to have a good style. It is also clear that you often have to spend a lot of money on the best stylists. The only question that remains is whether it is really necessary to spend large amounts of money on vacations and go so far as for your stylists to travel from another country …

Image Source: Photo by Craig Barritt / Getty Images