Rihanna en Baby luck

Rihanna in Baby luck

Rihanna in Baby luck

In baby madness

wantedthe 06/11/2014 | 12:44

How sweet! Rihanna seems to have discovered her motherhood. But the rattlesnake stork didn’t stop next to the 26-year-old – her cousin became a mother and Rihanna is crazy about babies!

Rihanna half-naked in a bikini, Rihanna almost topless in the shoot: the 26-year-old singer loves to warm up her fans with sexy snapshots through Instagram and company. Not surprisingly, his Instagram account was blocked some time ago. Recently, however, Rihanna has been very affectionate from her motherly side. Has the 26-year-old discovered her feelings of motherhood? Feelings of motherhood, maybe not, but definitely feelings of aunt. Rihanna has obviously become an aunt!

Rihanna is in awe

Rihanna shows her pride in several photos: his little niece, whom he describes as his “everything”. Whether it’s sleeping peacefully in Aunt Rihanna’s arms, wrapped in a cozy cloth or nursing from a bottle – Rihanna’s little niece seems to be doing great with her aunt. As reported by “viva.tv”, the little one is the baby of Rihanna’s cousin, Noella Alstrom, who gave birth in early June. The Barbadian beauty didn’t reveal the newborn’s name, but Rihanna is in awe. “I just can not get enough. I’m so in love“The singer posted below several of the photos she shows with her little niece in her arms.We have already seen Rihanna in many roles, but the role of mother and aunt also suits her. Will Rihanna’s desire to have children emerge soon?

Image Sources: Twitter / Rihanna