Rihanna está de vuelta en Instagram

Rihanna is back on Instagram

Rihanna is back on Instagram

Riri is back!

wantedon November 3, 2014 | 11:20

We haven’t seen Rihanna on Instagram in quite some time since her account was deactivated due to revealing images. Now the singer has finally reported on the media platform!

Rihanna likes to be free

It’s been five months since Rihanna’s Instagram account suddenly disappeared from the scene. “This account was registered by mistake by one of our automated systems and temporarily deactivated. We apologize for the inconvenience, “said the Instagram statement to US media. Rihanna had previously gotten into trouble for uploading overly revealing photos of herself on Instagram.

Some of the photos that Rihanna had taken with the men’s magazine “Lui”, for example, showed bare bottoms and breasts. Of course, Rihanna’s hot photos were immediately censored by Instagram. Soon after, the singer’s account completely disappeared from the stage. A defiant reaction from Caribbean beauty? But now Rihanna is back: The singer posted a photo on November 2 that reacts humorously to the issue with Instagram.

Rihanna gets along with Instagram again

Rihanna posts a “conservative” image

To never mess with Instagram again, the singer dispensed with hot photos in her first posts. But Rihanna insisted on an allusion to the censorship of her images: in the new publication, the singer can be seen in a tight bikini, but Rihanna is only shown as a stick figure. This is taken hand in hand with the Instagram icon. A sign that Instagram and Rihanna have reinvented themselves?

Rihanna is back! The singer finally reactivated her Instagram account and is initially cautious when it comes to revealing images. But in real life, she is not deprived of her freedom of movement: she only recently made a splash at a gala with her revealing outfit. Rihanna stays true to herself, and that’s a good thing.

Image Source 1: Photo by Jason Merritt / Getty Images for amfAR Image Source 2: instagram / badgalriri