Rihanna: ¿Ella también está involucrada en el escándalo de desnudos?

Rihanna: Is she also involved in the nude scandal?

Naked scandal

wantedon 09/23/2014 | 10:03

A few weeks ago, hackers posted private nude photos of various famous women. However, so far Rihanna has been spared the nude scandal. But now the hackers have attacked for the second time. Private nude photos of Rihanna were also posted on Sunday night.

Earlier this month, famous hackers posted racy nude photos of Hollywood greats like Jennifer Lawrence and Kirsten Dunst. Now hackers are obviously targeting other celebrities. As the US portal “TMZ” suspects, it is said that they gained access to Rihanna’s private photo albums, among other things. On the night from Sunday to Monday, two images appeared on the network in which the singer can be seen naked. One image shows Rihanna from behind, the other image shows her with bare but censored breasts.

Rihanna is apparently the new victim of the nude scandal

While portals such as “Reddit” and “4chan” continued to post the censored photos of Rihanna, the uncensored version of the photos was already spreading online after a few hours. Apparently Rihanna’s private photos make it look like they were taken while trying on and trying on them in a locker room.

Rihanna does not comment on the photos

So far, Rihanna, who also likes to be revealing in public appearances, has yet to comment on the matter. Other famous women besides Rihanna are affected by the renewed attack by hackers. Among other things, private nude photos of Kim Kardashian, Amber Heard, Vanessa Hudgens and Avril Lavigne circulated online. Although Rihanna is known for being outspoken in public, it makes a difference if she does so voluntarily or if private nude photos of her are posted against her will. Hopefully, those responsible will be quickly found and brought to justice so they can’t post more racy photos of the stars.

Image Source: © Getty Images / BERTRAND GUAY