Rihanna: ¿Tu álbum aún no está terminado?

Rihanna: Is your album not finished yet?

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Thorsten trederon December 15, 2015 | 10:22

There has been speculation about her announced album “Anti” for a few weeks now, but Rihanna has yet to make any moves to give a specific release date. As fans wistfully await their idol’s new album, the press has long been speculating how the surprising delay came about. Now music colleague Sia shed some light on why the world has to wait a little longer for Rihanna’s eighth studio album …

It has been more than three years since Rihanna introduced her fans to a new album and hit the international charts with “Unapologetic.” The desire to have matured in the singer to deliver the perfect album to her fans could be even stronger. For this reason, the 27-year-old still seems to be looking for suitable songs for “Anti”. At least this is what Sia reported, who already contributed some songs to the latest album of the Caribbean beauty and Rihanna wrote the hit “Diamonds”, among other things.

Rihanna is still working on her album.

In light of these successes in the past, it’s no wonder Sia got another visit from Rihanna these days and was able to introduce her to some new songs. “One night he came to see me and listened to about half of the 25 songs I played because he was still looking for songs for his new album,” reported the Australian in an interview with the British station BBC Radio 2. Consequently the fans seem having to wait for the launch of “Anti” to continue.

Rihanna: Did you like Sias’s songs?

However, it is unclear if visiting Sia Rihanna took her a step further in planning her album. The composer, who has already worked with stars like Adele, Christina Aguilera and David Guetta, still doesn’t know if any of her compositions will make it to album. “She was with me to listen to songs and see if she could do something. It was definitely a business meeting. She chose four songs, but I don’t know if they will actually be included on the album at the end, ”Sia revealed about her meeting with Rihanna.

Rihanna fans will have to be patient until they can finally hold their star’s new album in their hands. However, in view of this perfectionism, we do not doubt that the waiting time will be worth it.

Image Source: Getty Images / Christopher Polk