Rihanna: nuevo

Rihanna: new

Rihanna: new

The video clip too “The only girl in the world)” she’s bathed in a reddish light and less poppy than she’s used to from Rihanna. In a desert of red sand, Rihanna dances at dawn and looks a bit hippie. Her red hair, which looks super cool in the red sand, has been tamed with a headband, and the fluttering clothes look great on her.

The electro sound of “Only Girl (In The World)” forms a great contrast to the warm, feminine video and still fits. Rihanna lays on the sand, atop surreal large flowers, and sways through the air on a giant swing. Everything seems like a beautiful and exotic world of dreams.

“Only Girl (In The World)” is the first single from the hit singer’s fifth album “LOUD”. The album “LOUD” will be released on November 12th. Want more from the cool singer? Then click on the most beautiful pictures of Rihanna.

What do you think of the new video?