Rihanna ahora viste de rosa

Rihanna now wears pink

Rihanna now wears pink

Pink Panther

wantedon May 16, 2014 | 17:12

Red, black, brown, blonde, curly, straight, short, long – there’s hardly a hairstyle that Rihanna hasn’t worn yet. Now he dares to get close to pink!

Rihanna looks pink

Has Rihanna been playing too much with Barbie, Hello Kitty and company lately? Your latest style gag suggests the same! According to an Instagram snapshot, Rihanna is now wearing a pink pixie a la Nicki Minaj. The sexy “Diamonds” singer has always liked to attract attention with her unusual appearance, but she has never had pink hair before! “We stole Nicki’s wig closet for the summer. Bad girls just want to have funRihanna commented on the selfie she shows with her new style.

Rihanna wants to have fun

The picture shows Rihanna in the car with a friend. The two “bad girls” do not seem angry at all, but rather seem to be Fun factor have apart.

Pink, pinker, Rihanna!

Even if you hadn’t imagined it beforehand, pink hair doesn’t look bad on Rihanna at all. The hairstyle queen can re-dial with a matching lipstick and an otherwise natural look! No trace of the pain of separation – even though Rihanna is said to have just been dumped by her lover Drake!

If you are sad, put on a pink wig! Did Rihanna plan it that way? Whatever Queen R’n’B thought, she looks pink too! But what is it that Rihanna doesn’t really stand for?Images: Twitter / Badgalriri