Rihanna muestra lo sexy que puede ser la ropa interior masculina

Rihanna shows how sexy men’s underwear can be

Hot, hotter, Rihanna

wantedthe 11/06/2014 | 10:18

It’s gotten a bit calmer around Rihanna in the last few weeks, but now the fiery music is back and showing itself on its best side again, leaving her almost naked!

Rihanna has been more or less naked for “Elle” in recent days, now the Barbadian beauty posed for “Esquire” magazine – and it was no less hot. It’s no secret that Rihanna is infected with her freedom of movement at one point or another – she had been warned by Instagram several times, causing Rihanna to completely delete her account – in “Esquire” the 26-year-old shows once again that she is rightly the hottest temptation. The music business is!

Rihanna is multifaceted

How sexy can ribbed men’s panties be? Rihanna proves in the current issue of “Esquire” that underpants with grandpa’s appeal are more than hot, if they have such sexy curves! In front of the camera of star photographer Ellen von Unwerth, who shot the “Diamonds” singer in New York, Rihanna is sometimes sexy and mean, sometimes laughing and distant. What you notice in all the images: The 26-year-old seems to be absolutely at peace with herself and consciously use her sexy image. Rihanna just knows how to play with the camera!

You can think what you want of Rihanna, but there is no denying that the musician is simply sexy! Even we can judge that with our non-masculine approach! Hot, hotter, Rihanna!