Rihanna apoya a Drake en un concierto

Rihanna supports Drake at a concert

Rihanna supports Drake at a concert

New old love?

wantedon 08/21/2014 | 11:29

Ever since Rihanna and Drake split, the rapper has tried time and again to win back his beautiful ex. Now it apparently has. At a concert in New York, Rihanna gave Drake her full support again.

A lot has happened between Rihanna and Drake since their separation in May of this year, but yes. apparently the two of them just don’t seem to get away from each other. First the nasty rap attack, then a loving apology – apparently Drake was able to score again with his ex.

Rihanna attended a Drake concert

As exclusively reported by “HollywoodLife”, Rihanna appeared the night before last at a concert with her ex-boyfriend and it seems that he enjoyed his show. “He practically begged her to come and show him some love,” a source revealed to HollywoodLife.

Rihanna can’t get away from Drake

And obviously Rihanna didn’t take long to ask. Two Instagram videos feature the 26-year-old among the audience for the show Drake hosted on August 19 in New York. Rihanna looks happy on the tapes and you might think she’s casting loving glances at her supposed re-lover. – just as I expected it to be. “She can’t be separated from him,” the source told the celebrity portal, “he’s putting on a good show, on and off stage.” It almost seems like Rihanna hasn’t just looked around from the stage show. let yourself wrap your finger… After the concert, you both should have gone to an after-show party, “HollywoodLife” reports.Rihanna clearly seems to have a problem with her ex-boyfriend. It doesn’t really get going with either of them. One can only wish the sexy singer that one day she would be happy with Drake, because the rapper at least seems to have better intentions towards her than Chris Brown. Image Source: Christopher Polk / Getty Images for NARAS