Rihanna: totalmente enamorada de su sobrina bebé

Rihanna: totally in love with her baby niece

Rihanna: totally in love with her baby niece

Selfie training

wantedon 08/25/2014 | 12:46

On her social media channels, Rihanna is mostly scantily clad and extremely sexy. However, recently, Queen R’n’B seems to have had a completely different preference, and she’s small and sweet as sugar!

Rihanna and her baby niece

Small, full lips, cute curls and a melting smile: Rihanna has long fallen in love with her little niece, her cousin’s daughter. It’s no wonder, after all, that the little bundle of joy is just plain sweet! And if you have Rihanna as an aunt and are also a grateful photo opportunity, you will learn how to take a decent selfie at the age of a few weeks. Kiss the mouth, stick out the duck face or stick out the tongue: Rihanna is already teaching her little niece everything she needs to be able to take the snapshots she has taken herself. Good thing the “Diamonds” singer has a soft spot for Twitter and is very happy to upload the cute images.

Rihanna very cute

Cuddle time with Aunt Rihanna

Rihanna’s Twitter profile is raising screeching alarms. At a family gathering, the singer couldn’t help but photograph herself in all kinds of sweet poses with her little niece. And the little one? He seems to have enjoyed the spontaneous photoshoot. “Majesty,” as Rihanna affectionately calls her in her post, smiles at the camera and almost steals the show from her beautiful aunt.

Rihanna as a loving and caring aunt – We have rarely seen the beautiful singer like this before. But the little bundle of joy suits her well and shows that the provocative R’n’B is not only incredibly talented, but would also have a good figure as a mother. Image Source: Twitter / Rihanna