Rihanna: discusión violenta con la estación de televisión

Rihanna: violent argument with the television station

Rihanna: violent argument with the television station

Dispute with the television station

wantedon 09/17/2014 | 14:12

Rihanna’s song “Run This Town” was supposed to create a good mood when a soccer game was broadcast in America. However, since the station “CBS” received poor promotion, the hit was simply removed from the show. CBS subsequently reviewed its decision. Rihanna is more than upset at the confusion and is now venting her anger. But what is behind the action?

The game between the two football teams, the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers, caused a sensation even before it began. Right in the middle of it all: Popqueen Rihanna. Originally, the American broadcaster “CBS” wanted to offer a musical highlight when the game was broadcast with a song by the 26-year-old. But according to the celebrity portal “TMZ”, everything turned out differently than planned.

Rihanna is angry with American broadcaster CBS

Ray Rice, now a former Baltimore Ravens player, was recently criticized by the press because the celebrity portal “TMZ” published a video in which the footballer allegedly knocked his fiancée unconscious. Due to the incident, the 27-year-old was even expelled from the team. Since Rihanna was involved in a domestic violence case a few years ago, the marketing department of “CBS” deemed it inappropriate to play one of her songs. Without further ado, the station removed “Run This Town” from its show. Only a little later, “CBS” wanted to reverse the decision, so that the song can be played tomorrow Thursday. Rihanna should now be beside herself with anger.

Rihanna fight

Rihanna doesn’t want to let the incident and the constant coming and going of the station sit on her and let her anger flow freely on Twitter: “CBS, you canceled my song last week, now you want to play it this Thursday? No, fuck you! You are too bad to punish me for that. Audacity … “ Fans of the 26-year-old are loyal to their idol and are already supporting them with encouraging comments. But that’s not all: according to “TMZ”, the entire incident could even have legal consequences for “CBS.” A spokesperson for Rihanna told the celebrity portal: “Due to the misuse and misrepresentation of Rihanna’s name and her involvement in connection with CBS, the broadcaster is unable to license and use the song ‘Run This Town.” The marketing department should have thought more carefully.The past is catching up with Rihanna again: After the beating attack on the singer a few years ago, some people seem to shy away from dealing normally with Rihanna in this relationship. Understandably, the 26-year-old is now very angry.

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