Rita Ora: ¡Cualquier cosa menos superficial!

Rita Ora: Anything but superficial!

Rita Ora: Anything but superficial!


wantedon November 3, 2014 | 17:30

When it comes to posting cool photos and sexy snapshots, (Br) it girl Rita Ora is always at the forefront. But that is by no means a reason to assume that the singer is a pop girl who has nothing in mind other than social media. Rita Ora can’t stand superficiality …

Rita Ora is actually a declared fan of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It doesn’t matter if your latest tattoos, crazy outfits or funny grimaces, There is nothing on Rita Ora’s social media profiles that is not there.

Rita Ora does not want superficiality

But although Rita Ora is a friend of good humor and happy posts on Instagram, that does not mean that that for the singer there is nothing more than taking selfies all day.

Rita Ora cautions against superficiality

Whenever she sits quietly in her small room or locker room, Rita Ora thinks about what social media is doing with today’s society. The “How We Do” singer doesn’t want to be satisfied with the shallowness and beautiful appearance, but has a better prepared suggestion: “We all need to stop judging people by their appearance. That really disgusts me. This world really does focus on the wrong things!“How fitting that Rita Ora used the Twitter feed to announce her new worldview.

We can only join with Rita Ora’s Twitter message! Even if the message from the mouth of a singer who always has a perfect style and who cares about her appearance does not necessarily sound credible, a good appearance does not always mean superficiality! After this daring tweet, we think the 23-year-old is serious.

Image Source: gettyimages / Eamonn M. McCormack