Rita Ora no está de humor para una guerra de rosas

Rita Ora is in no mood for a war of roses

Rita Ora is in no mood for a war of roses

No song of anguish

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Rita Ora has dated a celebrity or two in the past. But unlike some fellow musicians, the pretty blonde has no desire to publicly settle accounts with her former friends. The 24-year-old does not want to sing publicly about her breakups or even dedicate a song to her exes. Rita Ora clearly distances herself from Taylor Swift, who has no problem criticizing her former friends in her songs.

Rita Ora likes discreet

Even a celebrity like Rita Ora is not immune to love sickness. The pretty singer has already been with stars like DJ Calvin Harris, reality TV actor Rob Kardashian and rapper Ricky Hill, but all relationships fell through. Above all, the affair with Calvin Harris should have been particularly difficult. The Scotsman made public on Twitter that the two were no longer a couple, without informing Rita Ora in advance.

But that story was some time ago, and the 24-year-old processed the unpleasant experience well. Unlike other singers, the British does not want to celebrate the separation in public. Taylor Swift as a musical role model probably had her day on this one. Rita Ora prefers to stick with her happy party songs.

Rita Ora does not want a dislike against her ex-boyfriends

Taylor Swift likes to deal

So Rita Ora does not want to take the example of Taylor Swift, who insisted on processing the end of the relationship with Harry Styles in one of her new songs in an effective way for the media. Rita Ora confessed to the magazine “Style” that she herself has no interest in it: “I don’t think you [die Ex-Freunde, Anm. d. Red.] I care enough to write a song about her.“In one of his last live performances, however, he insisted on adapting his song ‘I Will Never Let You Down.’ She changed the title to “I could have let you down.” Rita Ora just wanted to make it clear that she “doesn’t have to be ashamed” of the failed relationship.

Everyone processes the pain of separation a little differently, even if Rita Ora can’t completely refrain from mentioning her ex-boyfriends experience in her songs, she wouldn’t dream of dedicating an entire song to one of her exes. Taylor Swift sees it differently and is celebrating commercial success with him.

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