Rita Ora se salta la ducha durante las vacaciones

Rita Ora skips the shower while on vacation

Rita Ora skips the shower while on vacation

Do without a shower?

wantedon 02/01/2015 | 14:15

As a music and film star, Rita Ora always has to look perfectly styled on the red carpet. While most people dress up at parties, the “Shades of Gray” star prefers to be casual at Christmas and even takes a break in the shower …

Rita Ora has had a successful year, but also a stressful one: the British woman not only broke into the charts with her single “I Will Never Let You Down”, but was also in front of the camera during the first part of the series “Shades of Gray”. and worked as a designer for a cooperation with adidas. Rita Ora also parted ways with Scottish DJ Calvin Harris in June. The singer even more deserves a break at the end of the year.

Rita Ora made the most of her days off between the years. In an interview with the portal “Contactmusic”, he revealed that he likes to take a shower on vacation: “I can’t wait to not have to wake up, I don’t even have to shower if I don’t want to.” But Rita Ora not only enjoyed Christmas because she can get carried away by a change in the holidays. The pretty singer was also particularly eager to give rich gifts to her loved ones.: “I can finally buy my parents what they have always wanted.”

Rita Ora does not style on vacation

Rita Ora enjoys her time at home

Rita Ora uses time with her family to recover from the turbulent 2014. More recently, she had to accept strong criticism for her appearance on “Shades of Gray.” Some fans of the book felt that Rita Ora was a bad cast for the role of Mia Gray. But criticism or not: the 24-year-old can really recharge her batteries with her family and start the new year relaxed.

Given that Rita Ora’s appointment calendar was packed in 2014 and she always had to stand in front of the photographer’s glasses in the best of style, she can’t be blamed for using the holidays to really relax, without having to pretzel. The busy singer was credited with the fact that she even did it without showering.

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