Rita Ora se queda con "Shades of Grey"

Rita Ora stays with “Shades of Gray”

Rita Ora stays with "Shades of Gray"

Movie vs. music

wantedon 08/29/2014 | 14:20

In her hot video clips and in her daring outfits, Rita Ora loves to show that she is sex in person. It goes without saying that the producers of the hit movie “Shades of Gray” intend to involve the sweet singer in the second part of the erotic novel… And Rita Ora? She agreed.

It’s not long before fans can admire Rita Ora as Mia Gray in the movies – after all, “Shades of Gray” is supposed to flash across the world’s screens on Valentine’s Day 2015. In the film, Rita Ora plays the sister of title hero Christian Gray.played by Jamie Dornan.

Rita Ora is still Mia Gray

According to the British newspaper “The Sun”, it is said that Rita Ora enjoyed filming the erotic movie “Shades of Gray” so much that she is now even for the other two planned sequels. “The Sun” also reports that Rita Ora has already signed the contract.

Rita Ora likes the role of Mia Gray

But will Rita Ora abandon her music career because of her renewed engagement in Hollywood? Fans of the “How We Do” performer can breathe a sigh of relief! “Music is still my main focusRita Ora revealed in an interview with the tabloid. “But I just finished shooting the movie when I had time to fully engage with it.” It seems that Rita Ora will also have to dedicate time to the movie business in the future.

Colleagues like Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake prove that a career as a movie star and a pop star can be wonderfully combined. Rita Ora fans need not fear that they will soon hear less from their idol. On the contrary: you can admire Rita Ora not only on her iPods, but also in the entire “Shades of Gray” trilogy.

Image source: gettyimages / Jason Merritt