Rita Ora: Por eso rompió con Ricky Hilfiger

Rita Ora: That’s why she broke up with Ricky Hilfiger

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wantedon 07/22/2015 | 14:24

For about a year, Rita Ora and Ricky Hilfiger were one heart and one soul. Time and again, the singer and the son of designer legend Tommy Hilfiger appeared in public, leaving no doubt that they were wanted and found. But since the beginning of this week, the fairy tale seems to have lost its happy ending: Rita Ora and Ricky Hilfiger are allegedly said to have split up.

Last Monday, the celebrity magazine “E! News ”appealed to an informant from the surroundings of Rita Ora and Ricky Hilfiger and announced the relationship of the former dream couple. An official confirmation of the separation is still pending, so it is currently unclear how the love of the two could have failed. At this point, however, “Us Weekly” magazine sheds light on the darkness. Consequently, the busy schedule that both Rita Ora and Ricky Hilfiger are subjected to is said to have ended the relationship.

Rita Ora: Why did you break up with your boyfriend?

However, there should have been no hard feelings between Rita Ora and her former lover. Instead, the two seem to be trying not to jeopardize their friendship by breaking up. “They were both very busy and the distance bothered them a lot. So they both thought it would be better for them to be single and remain friends, “a source told the magazine. As a result, the distance between London and Los Angeles, where Rita Ora and Ricky Hilfiger live, played a role in the decision.

Rita Ora and Ricky Hilfiger don’t want a war of roses

Rita Ora’s decision to act as a judge on the new season of the UK version of the casting show “X Factor” is said to have strengthened the couple in their decision. “She’s so into ‘X Factor’ and she spends a lot of time on her new music, and he can’t spend all his time with her either. So it didn’t work out between them. It wasn’t an ugly breakup. They are still very close and they are not indifferent ”, revealed another informant close to Rita Ora.

It’s good to hear that Rita Ora and Ricky Hilfiger didn’t seem to have a full fight. After all, it is always a positive feeling when you separate from your partner on good terms …

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