Rita Ora trabaja con will.i.am

Rita Ora works with will.i.am

Rita Ora works with will.i.am

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wantedthe 08/05/2014 | 12:48

Rita Ora has been working on a follow-up to her 2012 debut album “Ora” for weeks. But recently the project suffered a major setback: After his relationship with Calvin Harris ended, the DJ is said to have given him the songs he developed to other artists. But now Rita Ora seems to have found a more than known replacement for her ex …

Work seems to go again: After parting ways with her partner Calvin Harris, with whom Rita Ora had also worked intensively on her second album, the 23-year-old has apparently found a new partner to work on the mixer. Rapper and producer will.i.am is currently supporting the Brit in the recording studio. “Last night. Oooooooh, what we are brewing here! I’m very excited, ”Rita Ora commented in an Instagram snapshot of the productive collaboration.

Rita Ora has reasons to be happy again

Previously, there had been more and more reports that the love between Rita Ora and Calvin Harris could have some effects on the record as well. Among other things, the British tabloid “The Sun” reported that the DJ did not want to provide any more songs for his ex after the hit “I Will Never Let You Down.” Instead of Rita Ora, American Alexis Jordan should benefit from the work that has already been done.

Rita Ora: How far does the cooperation with will.i.am go?

Along with will.i.am, Rita Ora is now apparently trying to give her album a new direction. The singer is based on proven means. After all, will.i.am had already contributed a song to their debut album “Fall in Love.” It is not yet known if the frontman of “Black Eyed Peas” will support Rita Ora with his entire album or will simply add another song to the great project in which music legends Jay-Z and Prince also participate.

After her collaboration with Calvin Harris ended, Rita Ora certainly doesn’t have to clean. It seems that the greats of the business fight for them. Jay-Z, Prince, will.i.am – These fans are likely to make some colleagues jealous.

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