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RKI Launches Data Donation App In Fight Against Coronavirus

Donate your fitness tracker data in the fight against Corona (Covid-19), the RKI wants to do this with the new Corona data donation app.

The Robert Koch Institute now offers Corona Data Donation as an Android smartphone app. In the first hour there was a lot of interest, criticism was sometimes harsh and user reviews of the applications fell into the abyss. First of all: it is an application that is based on data from voluntary users. “With the Corona data donation app, you can provide completely pseudonymous information about the spread of the infection. Based on your movement, sleep, and pulse patterns, febrile infections can be detected automatically. The Robert Koch Institute can use it to assess and predict infections on a daily basis. “

The application aims to facilitate understanding of the course of the pandemic.

Portable devices can be connected to record the desired data, without the appropriate hardware it would not work and the application would not be usable for you. Different manufacturers are supported, such as Fitbit, Garmin, Polar, and of course Apple. Above all, there are criticisms because the application is not open source and therefore no one from outside can verify its security. There are also questions about how infections should be detected when many fitness trackers can’t even record simple data like body temperature.

It’s hard to get a clear picture right now if you don’t have a lot of detailed IT security knowledge and can’t correctly interpret health data yourself. I see the experiment and the idea behind it as basically positive. Only a real judgment can be made on this application in the coming days.