¡Rob está enojado con los hackers!

Rob is mad at hackers!

Rob is mad at hackers!

A couple of fans really couldn’t wait – the first official photo posted three months ago. (see left) the wedding night of Bella (Kristen Stewart) Y Edward (Robert Pattinson) from “Twilight 4 – Breaking Dawn” has now been expanded with a full series of more images – illegal!

What can you see in the images of Breaking Dawn?

The most exciting scenes from the next Twilight movie are anticipated in the images that have now reached the Internet: a series of images with the wedding night, but not the flower version, but the only one. Uncensored Passionate Bed Scene between the two newlyweds. Also included are: The first images of Bella’s wedding dress and even the Renesmee’s birth. From a bird’s eye view, you can see Bella bleeding in the delivery room and Edward leading the child out of the room. These images were not intended for the public, it is not known exactly who put them on the network.

Robert’s message to the “good” fans of Twilight

The production company, of course, is not happy about it. too Robert Pattinson complained loudly about hackers in an interview: “I want all the Twilight troops, all the good fans, to move in and find out what those little bastards are and then break into their computers to destroy them. (…) I can’t understand why they did it. Destroy yourself. Why are you so cruel? They are not fans, they are idiots. (…) For all the true Twilight fans – punish them! ” Wow, that’s a statement!

Robert and Kristen split up?

The Daily Mirror reported today that Robert Pattinson’s and Kristen Stewart’s relationship had ended. Citing an “insider”, the British tabloid says that hectic work schedules left the two with little time for each other and that tears flowed during the split, but the two remain friends. We don’t believe this news, especially since fans recently spotted the two lovebirds strolling around Vancouver.

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