Rob Kardashian no está solo

Rob Kardashian is not alone

Rob Kardashian is not alone

Family instead of girlfriend

wantedon December 21, 2011 | 12:42

Rob Kardashian stands out from his family with one thing above all else: a non-existent love life. Now explain why this fact does not bother you.

Rob Kardashian is comfortable being single.

Rob Kardashian is probably the only member of the Kardashian clan whose love life is less turbulent than just one thing: very manageable. The 24-year-old would very much like to have a girlfriend, as he openly admits in People magazine: “Of course I would like to have a steady girlfriend. I’ve been single for a while. ” On the other hand, Rob Kardashian has many other interests to take care of. “I have enough to do with worrying about myself. For example, I want to get physically fit and of course advance my career, “he said, adding,” At the moment, it’s perfectly fine for me to be alone. “

Family is important to Rob Kardashian

Regardless, Rob Kardashian experiences enough support and distraction from his family. For weeks, Kim Kardashian’s brother has been looking forward to the next vacation, which he will spend with his mother and sisters. So it doesn’t matter that the culinary delights of Christmas are an endurance test for Rob Kardashian’s slim lines. “My sisters make wonderful eggs and my mother makes fantastic French toast,” the 24-year-old enthused about his family’s culinary skills.

In any case, family cohesion is of particular importance to Rob Kardashian. Especially this year when her sister Kim Kardashian went through some ups and downs. “Now she needs us more. Every time we get together as a family, we have a lot of fun together, and we’re happy, “he confessed to” People. ” A friend would probably just bother this family idyll.

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